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Easy API Deployment

We manage the infrastructure, offering you model access through our secure API (view documentation). Experience ease and security without the need for internal compute resources.


API pricing for inference
Model Notes Pricing
Reka Edge Our smallest model, ideal for cases
where speed is paramount. Also suitable for local
or on-device usages.
$0.4/1M tokens (Input)
$0.6/1M tokens (Output)
Video: contact us
Reka Flash Our turbo-class highly capable
model optimized for common everyday questions.
$0.8/1M tokens (Input)
$1.8/1M tokens (Output)
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Reka Core Coming soon.
Our largest and best model for more complex scenarios.

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Prefer Custom On-Premise Solutions?

License Yasa, our enterprise-grade multimodal AI assistant powered by Reka Flash, Edge, or Core.
Yasa supports private datasets, retrieval-augmented generation, web search integration, and code execution.