Our Partnership with Appen to Empower Enterprises with Personalized Generative AI Solutions

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Appen Limited (ASX:APX), a global leader in data for the AI Lifecycle. Appen customers will be able to use our multimodal assistant Yasa to unlock the power of Generative AI for enterprises.

Our proprietary algorithms enable rapid customization of Yasa to many use cases. Productizing generative AI solutions requires expertise in data curation to leverage and supplement internal datasets, human feedback to improve performance, and a robust model evaluation platform. This partnership allows businesses to have a full stack solution to use Yasa for enterprise use cases.

“Our flexible approach allows businesses to deploy Yasa under different quality, latency, and privacy constraints,” said Dani Yogatama, CEO of Reka. “Partnering with Appen enables customers to further benefit from their world class expertise in data services. This will streamline the process to create production-ready applications.”

“Our partnership with Reka provides leading enterprises with the ability to build custom proprietary models with high levels of security,” said Armughan Ahmad, CEO of Appen. “The industry is currently limited to relying on public APIs, leaving organizations vulnerable to data leaks and privacy concerns for highly sensitive data. Appen and Reka provide enterprises the ability to secure their LLM applications in a way that wasn’t previously possible.”

We are excited to work with Appen to safely and responsibly bring generative AI to enterprises.