It is hard to imagine a world without generative models. Language models and their multimodal counterparts are already ubiquitous and have already made tremendous impact on many facets of life. That said, we are still at the beginning of this new revolution. Over the next decade and beyond, it is undeniable that we will witness greater significant innovation in the field as more capabilities are discovered and breakthroughs are being made.

We founded Reka to be at the helm of innovation.

Today, we emerge from stealth and are thrilled to announce our funding of $60 million dollars led by DST Global Partners and founding investor Radical Ventures along with participation from strategic partners (including Snowflake Ventures) and many well-known angel investors.


Reka is an AI research and product company to advance science and build generative AI models for the benefit of humanity, organizations, and enterprises.


We work on universal intelligence, e.g., general-purpose multimodal & multilingual agents, self-improving AI, and model efficiency.


We build enterprise-grade state-of-the-art AI assistants for everyone regardless of language and culture. Our product is in closed beta right now.

Join us

We are hiring for both technical roles and non-technical roles!

We are a globally distributed, highly productive, remote-first team. While Reka is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, our core philosophy is to try our best to hire amazing talents wherever they might be the most productive and happy at. Please reach out to [email protected] or our careers page to apply!